Product Name : Load Cell HS-1125 Axial Type


  • High precision. Sales in pair, no need adjustment for compensation.
  • Axial type. Reduce the influence of roller weight and Easy and flexible to installation.
  • Available for flange, pedestal, inner and outer mounting types.
  • Strain gauge on the surface for speed measuring.
  • Wide measuring range from 1:25.
  • Fit for tension controller HS-808 and HS 802

Input voltage AC/DC 10 V (Max 14V)
Rated Output 1mV / V±1%
Normal Resistance of Strain Gauge Bridge 700 Ω ± 5%
Output Voltage Nominal 0~10 mV
Max. 0~24mV
Mechanical Stop 1.8~2.4 FN:depending on type
Operating load 1.8~2.4 FN
Loading Limit 2 X FN
Max. permissible
Axial Lateral face
5 X FN
Nominal Measuring Travel 0.1~0.25mm; depending on type
Temperature Coefficient of characteristic of zero signal 0.5% / 10K
0.5% / 10K
Construction Aluminum Alloy
Working temperature -10o ~ +50oC
Storage temperature -20o ~ +60oC
Humidity Under 90% RH
Weight 1.25 kg

* Aston Tech Ltd. reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.