Product Name : HS-808


  • Tension reading can be presented in kg, N or LB as demand.
  • Directly connected to load cell for input reading.
  • Digitized design for back to zero and scaling adjustment.
  • Multi-functional display including preset and actual tension values
  • Auto parameter memorized function during power outage.
  • Able to initiate augmentative function, able to compensate static friction arising from initiating machine
  • With tension release function at shutdown, can eliminates excessive tension

Input voltage AC 220 V + 10%; 50/6oHZ
1 Set of Load Cell Input Input range: 0 ~ 40 mV or -300~30omV floating type return and magnifying
2 Set of Analog Input (Optional) Input range : DC 0~10V, 12 bit resolution. Input mimpedance : 200K
2 Set of Analog Output (1 Set for Optional) Output range: DC 0~10V, max 10mA, 12 bit resolution
6 Sets of Digital Input Dry contact or crystal method mode (@Low Active)
2 Set of Relay Digital Output Relay A contact 5A 250VAC / 30VDC
2 Set of Powder Brake / Clutch Controls 0~24Vdc; 4.5A
RS-485 MODBUS Interface (Optional) MODBUS RTU protocol, data control via communication mode
Operating Site Indoor only
Operation Temperature 00C~600C
Storage Temperature 00C~600C
Humidity Under 90% RH
Weight 2 kg

* Aston Tech Ltd. reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.